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The happiness of our customers within the UAE Expanding the local market. Enhancing customer experience and providing them with the best solutions

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We have an experienced team trained at high levels to meet your requests in everything related to the services provided by our company

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Al-Masar Company guarantees its customers the high quality in the implementation of services to the fullest

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We are the leading electromechanical maintenance group in United Arab Emirates. We have been in service for more than 10 years , we have well trained...

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We have long experiences in this field and we have a highly experienced support team. First, we define the problem, the...


Uality is our top priority

uality is our top priority, We assure our client that they will get the service they deserve. Our Quality inspectors kee...


Our Approach

We care about the satisfaction of our customers, the completion of the work to the fullest, and leaving no trace, taking...

Our Services

Our Services

Speed Ramp / Hump

Wherever people and cars are in close proximity, traffic safety is a major concern. Near playgrounds and schools, in par

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Wall Guards

We have much experience in wall guard installation and design And everything related to wall protection Gradus stainle

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Linen Chute Maintenence

Full Services for Laundry chutes with solving all problems you can face during the using of the Linen chutes are made of

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Garbage Chute Maintenance & Cleaning

We have a trained team that specializes in maintaining waste chutes periodically and solving bad odor problems, obstruct

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Tips On Trash Chute Maintenance For Building Managers

Tips On Trash Chute Maintenance For Building Managers A trash chute is simply a vertical pathway that guides trash to its

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Tips To Keeping A Garbage Chute Clean

Keeping a Garbage Chute Clean When it comes to our garbage, we try our best not to think about our waste after it’s bee

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Linen Chute Maintenance

linen chutes - The most efficient method of controlling the movement of soiled linen in mid or high rise buildings. App

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