Tips To Keeping A Garbage Chute Clean

Keeping a Garbage Chute Clean When it comes to our garbage, we try our best not to think about our waste after it’s been bagged and disposed of. In apartment buildings, office buildings, and other commercial sites across Edmonton, thousands of people create waste; put it in bags, and dispose of it through easy-to-access garbage chutes. Think of the journey from the chute down to the garbage bin. When garbage is discarded into the chute bags have a tendency to open or rip. As this happens any wet garbage will stick to the wet garbage creating breeding sites and odour issues. Garbage chutes are a breeding ground for bacterial and fungal pathogens such as: salmonella and E. Coli due to wet food particles that get disposed of. Anytime trash chute doors are opened, these germs and bacteria become airborne carrying all kinds of illness and infections to building occupants. Keeping your building garbage chutes clean is so important. Without proper maintenance, they can also attract insects and rodents such as flies, cockroaches, spiders, mice, etc… who simply seek food or shelter. They can spoil food, cause fires and spread diseases. Tips To Keeping A Garbage Chute Clean Garbage chute maintenance begins and ends with an understanding of what can and cannot go into a chute. Try the following: Property managers, Landlords, building managers can; Leave Reminders of how to properly bag waste, or what kind of waste you allow into in the chute. Check each opening of the chutes on every floor and remove any blockages near the opening. It is recommended to start from the top and work your way down. You can use a hand scraper to remove any stuck-on debris from the entrance of the chute. Clean the outside and inside of the chute opening with a disinfecting cleaner. For the remainder of the chutes contact a professional who can apply industrial cleaning solution to the whole length of the chutes and clean it with a powerful high-pressure flusher. How IVIS Inc. Can Help Keep Garbage Chutes Clean IVIS Inc. offers clients with garbage chute cleaning services to aid in the maintenance of chutes. We start by clearing any debris wet/dry from the chute and the collecting bin, then spray an odor absorbing environmentally friendly product down the chute, then insert our high-pressure nozzle to finish the job.